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Flower for Hilwa
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In the early morning hours of December 9, 1948, three terrorist groups attacked the peaceful village of Deir Yassin with the intention of inflicting as many casualties as possible and encourage any survivors to flee their traditional homeland. This attack was part of a larger plan which ultimately caused the ethnic cleansing of 213 Palestinian villages. At Deir Yassin, 80 Palestinians fought against over 1000 Zionist fanatics, until they ran out of ammunition. The terrorists then murdered many survivors even while they tried to escape. Houses were burned and cadavers were reported to have been robbed of money, jewelry and other personal belongings.
Hilwa's son and husband were killed while trying to defend the village. Hilwa picked up her son's gun and fought to defend her home until she too was killed.
The massacre of Deir Yassin and Hilwa's brave resistance remain unresolved historical injustices that only begin to explain the Palestinian desire to return to their stolen villages.

photo credit: Momen Katalo, Palestine Poster Project