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Flower for Freedom
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Her birth name is Tichaona V. Nyamubaya and her Chimurenga name is Comrade Freedom. During the liberation war, she was one of the few guerillas who reached the rank of Field Operations Commander, having overcome not only the brutality of the racist enemy but rape and abuse from some of her male colleagues. When this writer met her, she was only 24 but she had already been a soldier for ZANLA for several years after quitting school at 15 to join the liberation forces who were waging a guerrilla war against the Rhodesian government from the jungles of Mozambique. After independence in 1980, she swallowed her bitterness and disappointment with the sellouts and pursued a college education. She then turned her energy to creative pursuits (music and poetry) and the founding and operation of a grass roots NGO promoting rural development and expanding options for young people. She passed away on July 5, 2015 after a hypertension crisis led her to a hospital without doctors, in a country currently run by thieves.